Beauty Bloggers Share Their Best Startup Tips

What's that quote about how the people you surround yourself with predict your future? If it's true, we're headed for influencer royalty because at the Create & Cultivate Beauty Summit yesterday we rubbed shoulders with and shot some of the most inspiring chicks on the web. (We also stole some of their best tips to share with you. Enjoy.)

CC Beauty Summit 2018-4.jpg

"Create your dream job." -Reesa Lake

"Don’t stress out too much, just be yourself and go day by day." -Raye Boyce

"Don’t try to be like everyone else. You won’t know who they are in a few years anyway." -Melissa Alatorre

"If you see something you need to just go for it. Do what you love, get feedback, go from there." -Kristin Ess

"If you want to make it because you love it you don’t have to sell it. It’ll sell itself." -Jenn Streicher 

"Your uniqueness is what makes you beautiful. It’s never about selling it’s always about sharing and showing." -Sheryl Adkins-Green

"Bootstrap as long as you can; it makes you more innovative." -Sarah Gibson Tuttle

"Do things that energizeyou. If it drains you you probably shouldn’t be doing it. Also, be conscious of what you’re saying and why you’re saying it.-Ally Love

"You have control of your social feeds. Only follow accounts that make you feel good.-Hunter McGrady

"Comparing yourself all the time limits your potential. Think of social media like 9-5; turn it off at dinner, have real human interaction.-Katie Austin

"There’s never harm in asking For help. It builds friendships and relationships. Find people you look up to." -Sarah Levey

Featured image: Jess FranklinMabel Martinez

Photography: Jenny Champion


What We Learned:

  1. Go to every single C&C event for the rest of our lives.

  2. There's plenty of room for everyone as an influencer.

  3. Don't be a follower. Be yourself and be different and you'll stand out.