How to Be an Influencer

Not all of us are starting a 400-person virtual tech company or the next big subscription box. Some of us just want to be US... and get paid for it. That's exactly what this week's interviewee, Nora Minno, is doing. She's using her nutrition degree as a springboard to create her dream career and is basically the poster girl for making shit happen for yourself just by doing what she knows best: food and fitness. If your goal is "influencer" status, go ahead and steal some of Nora's career moves. Tag us when you make it.


Your face is everywhere… tell us what you’re up to right now!

Right now I'm fortunate enough to be in a place where I can combine my love for nutrition, business, and performing, and turn it into a career (no, I don’t have a traveling roadshow where I juggle avocados and sing songs about arugula). I currently serve as Red Bull’s Product Communications Manager for their East Business Unit and also work on several national accounts. I love this job because I'm using my nutrition background, but I also get a stretch my business muscle and work cross departmentally to make an impact. Before I started with Red Bull, I was (still am) a personal trainer, which led me to the opportunity to teach exercise classes live, on-air for Daily Burn. I'm fortunate that I can continue teaching for Daily Burn, because I absolutely loveteaching, but also the community and performance aspects of being in front of cameras.

Did you know always know you wanted to be on camera?

I had no idea that I would ever make a career out of being in front of the camera. I always loved performing. I grew up dancing quite seriously and even danced in college and a bit after. However, I was always told I didn’t have the right body for dance, so I just assumed that I didn’t have the right body for TV either. When I was approached by the VP of Fitness Programming at Daily Burn and asked to send in an audition reel, I was like, “oh crap, I don’t even have one of those.” So I recruited my best friend to video tape me doing a two minute workout video on the roof of her building in Chelsea and sent that in! Sometimes others see things in you that you don’t even see in yourself. That’s why it’s important to not be afraid to put yourself out there – you never know what may come of it!

What was the FIRST step you took toward making it happen?

It’s actually hard to pinpoint a first step. I feel like where I’m at now is an accumulation of all of the steps I’ve taken in my life. For example, there’s no way I’d be teaching fitness on camera if I didn’t grow up dancing – and that started way back when I was seven. Also, I remember when most kids were playing princesses, I would set up a desk and play “business.” No seriously, I would gather all of the office supplies I could off of my parents’ desk and pretend to have clients -- before I even knew what clients were. Though it’s hard to pinpoint a first step, I have to say, one of the most important steps I took was getting a business mentor. When I was still in my clinical dietetics career, completely miserable to be honest, but didn’t know how to take the next steps – I got in touch with a woman named Robyn Craneand she completely helped me build a plan to take the next steps to start my own business and get out of the 9-5. Leaving that job and working for different publications, companies, and taking on my own clients is what got me to where I am today and I couldn’t have done it without the coaching of my mentor.

Where are you on your career path right now?

Wow – it’s hard to say where I am right now. I’d like to think I’ve come a long way in just a few years since graduating college, but I also like to think that there’s a long way to go and that I’m just getting started! I definitely think there is so much I can do that I haven’t even dipped my toe in yet, and I’m always looking to grow, learn, and challenge myself.

What tips would you give fresh-grad-Nora on how to break into TV/media?

1) Start your own blog or vlog– it’s great practice for engaging with an audience and understanding what it takes to create compelling content. 2) Surround yourself with people who are actually doing it – even if it’s an internship, try and get as much experience as you can right off the bat. 3) Fake it till you make it baby– seriously, a little bit of confidence goes a long way and if you're up to the challenge and willing to learn and work hard, you can make anything happen!

Real quick- can you give us some tips for looking camera-ready??

1) I swear by Sunday Riley Luna Oil the night before I go on camera. It leaves my skin smooth and less puffy the next day 2) I always give myself a little spray with Sephora’s Self Tanning Body Mist before a show for a little glow 3) I brush with activated charcoal to make my teeth look extra white 4) never underestimate the power of concealer! 5) The day before make sure to avoid eating salt or sugar to feel less puffy the day of a shoot. 6) Be nice! Like any business, it’s small and people will recommend you or want to continue to work with you if you’re nice and easy to work with. Plus there’s no point in being a diva. We grow most when we’re kind, grateful, and willing to learn from others who are different than us!

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Photography: Jenny Champion