Every Resources & Refs link ever all in one place.

  1. Brian Dean's skyscraper technique

  2. Hotjar- stalk your website’s user behavior

  3. Member Site Academy

  4. Twitter URL Search- see who shared a URL and ask them to share yours

  5. Entrepreneur on Fire podcast

  6. EOFire income reports

  7. Smart Passive Income income reports

  8. Social Media Marketing Industry Report

  9. Think Media- the best gear for your channel

  10. VidIQ- helps you track your ranking

  11. ProfitWell- free content on pricing

  12. Win Without Pitching

  13. Hubspot- good example of freemium to paid with tons of upgrades

  14. Exit Intelligence- exit popups with changing offers

  15. Canva- create free infographics, design cheat sheets or checklists

  16. 5 Skills EVERY YouTuber Needs

  17. NPS- net promoter score

  18. get customer feedback

  19. Qualaroo- automate user research

  20. SurveyMonkey- easy survey tool

  21. Typeform- pretty (and also easy) survey tool

  22. set up alerts for local events

  23. Pitch it Perfect- Julie Solomon's pitching course

  24. Rafflecopter- giveaway software  

  25. A Beginner's Guide to Retargeting Ads

  26. The Best Free Video Chat Options

  27. Nacho Analytics- stalk your competitors analytics

  28. Adbeat- see how your competitors ads are doing

  29. Storytelling example via Casey Neistat

  30. 21 Sites With FREE Stock Photos

  31. Typeform- online quiz maker

  32. Bounce Exchange- marketing tool

  33. Exit Intelligence- popups are managed for you (including your desired conversion rate)

  34. 1K Projects- scarf up someone's abandoned project dirt cheap

  35. How to price your products

  36. 19 Closing Phrases to Seal a Sales Deal

  37. How to Make Money While You Sleep With Affiliate Marketing

  38. Jobs at Problogger- find freelancers

  39. Fiverr- more freelancers

  40. Upwork- even more freelancers

  41. How Much Should I Pay a Freelance Writer

  42. Sunny Lenarduzzi's hot script formula- keep people watching your videos (or reading your posts) longer

  43. 8 Steps to Increase Your Instagram Engagement

  44. 10 (almost) Effortless Ways to Increase Facebook Engagement

  45. 5 Quick Tips to Increase YouTube Engagement

  46. Fambebit- sponsorship network

  47. How to Get Started with Brand Deals on YouTube

  48. How Much Do YouTubers Get Paid for Brand Deals?

  49. Traffic and Conversion Summit - conference

  50. Affiliate Summit - conference

  51. Affiliate World - conference

  52. SMX Advanced - conference

  53. CXL Live - conference

  54. Sprout Social- schedule posts

  55. Buffer- manage all social media accounts in one spot

  56. Agorapulse- social media management

  57. Coschedule- map out content from draft to social share

  58. A Ridiculously Simple Instagram Strategy for 2019

  59. 7 Ways to Land Sponsors and Brand Deals

  60. Popup Ally- create exit popups

  61. ScheduleOnce- schedule calls with those leads from #1

  62. Zapier- store the FB emails you've collected in Google sheets

  63. Blog Title Generator

  64. 4 Rich Snippets Plugins

  65. Google Suggest- find keywords

  66. Keyword Tool- find more keywords

  67. KWfinder- find even more keywords

  68. Ubersuggest- you guessed it... more keywords

  69. Content re-usage framework

  70. Google Finance- stalk what other companies in your space are worth

  71. trackable link

  72. joint video or webinar

  73. The Copy Cure by Marie Forleo

  74. How to Write Customer-Centric Copy

  75. Why Your Copy Shouldn't Be About You

  76. How to Create Viral Content

  77. How to 100x the Effectiveness of Your Next Blog Post

  78. How to Get 500 Email Subscribers

  79. Brian Tracy

  80. Goals Mastery Course

  81. ConversionXL- how to optimize your content

  82. Conversion Rate Experts- how to optimize your content

  83. Quick Sprout- blog about CRO

  84. Neil Patel- SEO/CRO blog

  85. Google Conversion Optimizer

  86. How to Attract Your Ideal Audience

  87. Free PR Tips

  88. Privy- create custom popups to capture email addresses

  89. Mobile Monkey- Facebook messenger marketing tool

  90. OneSignal- create web push notifications

  91. Optimizely- split testing tool

  92. 6 Awesome Tools for Running a Contest

  93. send emails based on actions your customers take

  94. Vero- email people who haven't activated their account yet

  95. Constant Contact- another newsletter service

  96. Copy Hackers- make sure your emails are well written

  97. Qualaroo- analyze the feedback you're getting from readers

  98. Google Word Cloud- find words repeated most in your audience's responses

  99. Google Keyword Planner

  100. Open Site Explorer- shows the number of links your competitors already have on search terms

  101. Google Trends- see how your keywords are doing

  102. Clicky- see what terms people are using before they land on your site

  103. Alexa- see how many views your peers get from search

  104. Upwork- hire freelancers

  105. Fiverr- more freelancers

  106. Freelancer- even more freelancers

  107. web push notifications

  108. Manhattan Media- find unused ad space

  109. Novus Media- another option to find unused ad space

  110. Boss YouTube Channel Checklist

  111. How to YouTube live

  112. MixRank- see what your peers are doing with their ads

  113. Adbeat- another way to see what your peers are doing

  114. Alexa- how your peers sites are doing

  115. Quantcast- see who visits the sites that feature your competition's ads

  116. Outbrain- content distribution network

  117. Sharethrough- makes your content look native on big sites like Forbes

  118. 3-Month SEO Plan

  119. YouTube for Entrepreneurs

  120. 0-100,000 YouTube subscribers

  121. SurveyMonkey- easy way to ask people what they want from you

  122. Boss YouTube Channel Checklist

  123. Google Analytics URL Builder

  124. Price Intelligently- get your subscription pricing right

  125. Google Conversion Optimizer- automatically adjusts ads to perform better

  126. Zero to Influence YouTube Bootcamp

  127. User-generated content ideas

  128. How to hire a PR firm

  129. Angel List- find interns here

  130. HARO- connect with reporters who need expert contributors

  131. KingSumo- giveaway tool

  132. Crazyegg- optimize for revenue not just conversion rates

  133. Optimizely- see how your stuff is selling

  134. VWO- A/B testing platform

  135. VidIQ- stalk your niche and competitors for keywords

  136. Feedly- marketing blogs in one feed

  137. Quick Sprout- website optimization

  138. Nuzzel- trending news in your industry

  139. BuzzSumo- find what's trending in your niche

  140. AHRefs- research your competitors

  141. What Runs Where- stalk ad campaigns

  142. Coschedule- map out and schedule content

  143. Sweet Process- document your process

  144. Buffer- social media manager

  145. MeetEdgar- social post scheduler

  146. Screaming Frog Spider- SEO tool that audits content for you

  147. Click Flow- optimize organic click-thru rates

  148. SingleGrain- marketing tool giveaway

  149. Google Search Console- see how your content is performing

  150. Mailchimp- email newsletter service (free up to 2,000 subscribers)

  151. Mobilemonkey- help with FB messenger bots

  152. Facebook chat- like an RSS feed in messenger

  153. Retargeting- not cheap, but it works

  154. Asana- content calendar with goal tracking

  155. Rise of the Youpreneur by Chris Ducker

  156. Youpreneur Summit - conference

  157. MixPanel- analyze user journeys

  158. GrowthHackers North Star- software to help you grow based on test results

  159. Tapfiliate- affiliate marketing program

  160. HasOffers- affiliate marketing program

  161. Get Ambassador- referral program software

  162. ConvertKit- email newsletter program

  163. Hubspot- they'll lead score for you + software to help you consolidate and grow

  164. SEMRush- marketing tools

  165. Alexa- stalk your lead's web traffic

  166. ClearBit- analyzes your lead's company for you

  167. MadKudu- analyzes the actions leads have taken on your site

  168. Drip- email service provider

  169. Intercom- messenger bot products

  170. LinkedIn Autofill- get lots of info on your lead based on their LinkedIn profile

  171. Click to Tweet- literally does what it says.

  172. Referral Candy- invite people to share your stuff to grow your network

  173. Invite Referrals- encourage people to share your content

  174. Slack- team communication tool

  175. Planoly- Instagram planner

  176. Influencer Podcast Facebook Group

  177. Free Guide to Productivity

  178. Open Graph- change meta descriptions for social media (you can do it in Yoast)

  179. Kickstarter- create crowd funding campaigns to help you get started

  180. One Signal- push notification software to make your posts pop up in peoples' browsers

  181. HelloBar- email opt-in box for your blog

  182. SumoMe- tools to automate your site growth

  183. OptinMonster- email list growth tool

  184. Income Store- business buyer

  185. FE International- how to buy/sell a business

  186. Buy Biz Sell- find businesses for sale

  187. Flippa- find online businesses for sale

  188. Empire Flipper- buy/sell online businesses

  189. Uber Suggest- find keywords for your tags

  190. Segment- integration tool

  191. AdWeek- see what other brands are doing with their ads to get ideas for yours

  192. How to Start a Blog

  193. Headline formulas

  194. web push notifications

  195. ProBlogger- job board for writers

  196. Google Page Speed- check your page speed

  197. PingDom- check your website performance

  198. Optimizely - optimize your content

  199. Visual Website Optimizer - optimize your content

  200. Unbounce - optimize your content

  201. Mixpanel - optimize your content

  202. Chartbeat - optimize your content

  203. 5 Best Wordpress Plugins

  204. Calculate the lifetime value (LTV) of your customers

  205. The Bucketlist Bombshells

  206. Build Your List with YouTube

  207. Patreon- allow people to pay a membership fee for your MVP

  208. MVP Creation Cheatsheet

  209. PowerPoint or KeyNote- build mini courses to give away

  210. How to Stop Making Excuses

  211. Know When You're Making Bad Excuses

  212. How to Know If You're Making Excuses or Thinking Clearly

  213. 10 Ways to Stop Making Excuses

  214. 7 Steps for Getting What You Want

  215. Promo prep plan & checklist

  216. How to make money as an affiliate marketer

  217. Chart Goals to Create a Roadmap to Success

  218. 4 Science-Backed Goal Setting Strategies

  219. Click Flow- optimize organic click-thru rates

  220. How to Advertise on Facebook

  221. Facebook Ad Tips by Rick Mulready

  222. Promo prep plan & checklist

  223. How to make money as an affiliate marketer

  224. FREE List-Building Masterclass

  225. FREE Avatar Worksheet

  226. How to Create Your ICA to Attract New Customers

  227. Follow your gut research

  228. 4 Ways to Get Advertisers on Your Site

  229. 13 Reasons Why Blog Ads Suck

  230. The Value of Time

  231. Fiverr- hire freelancers for even the smallest of tasks

  232. How to 100x Your Subscriber Base & Double Your Revenue

  233. GTmetrix- see how fast your site is

  234. Free Marketing Giveaways

  235. 10 Ways to Earn or Build Backlinks

  236. Influencer Fee- calculate what a sponsored IG post is worth

  237. How Speakers Can Grow Their Email List

  238. Bob Proctor

  239. How to Do a Webinar

  240. How to Monetize Your Webinars

  241. Gravy- failed payment collectors

  242. Facebook group qualifying questions

  243. Net Promoter Score (NPS)- tells what people think of your product. Aim for 60 or higher.

  244. Work Backwards to Set Great Business Goals

  245. Quant-Based Marketing: Reverse Engineering Marketing Success

  246. Jim Cathcart

  247. Find Opportunities to Disrupt Any Industry in 20 Minutes

  248. The Secret to Finding Your Passion

  249. 1,000 True Fans

  250. Moz Beginner’s Guide to SEO

  251. Sprout Social- schedule posts

  252. Buffer- manage all social media accounts in one spot

  253. Agorapulse- social media management

  254. Coschedule- map out content from draft to social share

  255. Create & Cultivate - conference

  256. Babes in Business - meet ups

  257. BlogHer- conference

  258. Social Media Marketing World - conference